Validation of UK MOD’s Classification of Ammunition.

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Each One4Pack design can be made to fit either the standard NATO(1200/1000) or EURO(1200/800) pallet sizes.

It can be finished with a powder coat, or wet paint with the option  to zinc plate for extra protection from rust depending on your needs.


One4Pack are working on new designs all the time and we are happy to work with manufacturers and shippers to find safer more cost effective solutions to shipping hazardous cargoes. If you have a specific problem please feel free to contact us.

One4Pack Internal Safety Cages

This is available in two types, standard and reinforced, both have been designed to fit internally into a M2A1 or H83 ammunition container.
The Standard Safety cage. Consists of 3 layers and has been passed as suitable for all ammunition types up to 12 .7 ball and tracer, providing One4Pack pack methods are used.
The Reinforced safety cage has a reinforced inner layer to contain more energetic ammunition, it has been passed as suitable for chemical and explosive filled rounds such as 12.7mm Multi-Purpose Tracer, which contains RDX (explosive compound), as well as a propellant fill. This cage can also be used for safely securing, storing and transporting unknown ammunition handed in to an agency or at EOD call outs.
Both types of internal cage offer a safe and cheaper transportation option, primarily used when small quantities of ammunition need to be transported. Being able to fly small quantities of ammunition safely on almost any passenger aircraft has many distinct benefits.
It offers the military, police and other security agencies the ability to transport safely Small Arms Ammunition that is no longer in its original packaging. It can even be used for safely securing, storing and transporting ammunition needed as an exhibit or evidence in legal proceedings.

The civilian shooting community would also benefit from its use, when purchasing, storing or transporting ammunition that is no longer in its original packaging.

Internal Safety Cage
Fits the internal measurements of a  M2A1 or H83 box.

  • It offers the military, police and other security agencies the ability to transport safely SAA for ready use.
  • Safely and securely storing and transporting ammunition handed in to an agency or at EOD call outs.
  • Safely and securely storing and transporting ammunition as exhibit evidence in legal proceedings.

One4Pack NATO and EURO Pallet Unit Containers

2.5 & 3mm Safety Cages

Safety Cage with lid and sides removed

We have a range of Unit Containers to meet your transport and storage requirements; the unit containers have been designed to fit the NATO and EURO pallet profile. All offer a tested and certified method of packaging which guarantees that all your ammunition can be transported and stored as UN Hazard Classification Code (HCC) 1.4s.

The pallet unit containers are designed to contain all the ammunition components and ammo box fragments during the event of a fire. They work by allowing the resulting gases generated by combustion to be vented safely whilst at the same time prevent the escape fragments.

See our video of 7200 x 12.7mm x MP/MPT/API linked rounds being contained throughout the 6c bonfire test.

Each design is made up of ten components, many of which are interchangeable, allowing many sizes to be stocked with a minimum number of parts. They can be finished with a powder coat, or wet paint with the option to zinc plate for extra protection from corrosion, depending on your needs.

The cages unique interlocking system are easily assembled and when not in use can be flat packed for ease of storage.

We offer:

  • Safety Cages to fit NATO or Euro pallets
  • Hinged Storage Safety cages, to fit NATO or Euro pallets
  • Safety cages for carton packed ammunition

Additional Uses


Where security is an issue we offer a design with a locking mechanism, this container Unit can be used to increase the security of a product, it may not change the hazard class but can ‘overpack’ a pallet of sensitive materials to prevent unauthorised access or pilfering of the contents.


Handling and Storage
Most One4Pack safety cages are supplied flat packed and are easy to assemble, move and stack. Six full size cages can be flat packed to fit on one pallet. Pallets of cages can be stacked 3 high. All components are available separately should items be damaged or lost. It is not necessary to purchase a full cage to replace missing parts. This further improves logistics and reduces cost. We also offer a full refurbishment and replacement service.

A range of storage cages are available, including a rigid design that will allow a full pre packed pallet to be placed inside, immediately reducing the HCC to 1.4s. This is ideal for situations where it is not practical to re pack a full pallet, ie at port of entry. This in turn can improve the logistics of transport or storage from the port of entry, reducing costs and increasing safety.

If all stored or transported munitions are classified as 1.4s, a reduction in your building and third party liabilities insurance may be possible.

Disposal of Ammunition after Military Operations
The logistical headache, of moving ammunition to and from any military activity is costly, difficult and even unsafe, especially when different calibers or natures of ammunition are involved. The availability of the One4Pack safety cages takes will remove all these issues.
Ammunition can be safely deployed and into any training or operational area, with improved safety and security. Even ammunition that has lost its identity or has exceeded its shelf life can all be transported safely and securely as mixed calibers for disposal, inside one cage.
The same cage can be used to dispose of unsafe ammunition, utilizing the cage as a containment vessel to allow burning in situ. The cage will safely contain all the contents , enabling destruction without the risk of unexploded ordnance escaping and becoming a hazard at a later stage.



Storage and shipping is greatly simplified, costs are reduced and the whole supply chain becomes more efficient, especially when most products can be shipped as 1.4S on commercial airlines. Removing the restriction of Cargo Only transport allows for greater flexibility when looking at shipping options and brings substantial savings to the client.
By utilising the One4Pack safety cages to reduce the HCC to 1.4S , savings of 30% + on transport and insurance quotes have been seen depending on the quantity, transport type and destination.

One4Pack safety cages, offer you the choice of safely transporting by land, sea or air, giving you the flexibility to choose the cheapest and fastest route for your cargo. When tendering a saving in time or money could make the difference between winning and losing an order.

Avoiding penalties for late delivery caused by delays in getting your cargo to its destination or difficult transport options can be avoided.



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